Iron Man

Iron Man


<div id="ironman">
<div id="ironman-head">
<div id="ironman-headin">
<div id="ironman-hair"></div>
<div id="ironman-forehead"></div>
<div id="ironman-cheek-r"></div>
<div id="ironman-cheek-l"></div>
<div id="ironman-eye-r"></div>
<div id="ironman-eye-l"></div>
<div id="ironman-lower-face"></div>
<div id="ironman-center-face"></div>
<div id="ironman-jaw">
<div id="ironman-mouth-l-end"></div>
<div id="ironman-mouth-l"></div>
<div id="ironman-mouth"></div>
<div id="ironman-mouth-r-end"></div>
<div id="ironman-mouth-r"></div>
<div id="ironman-bottom-face"></div>
<div id="ironman-chin"></div>
<div id="ironman-neck"></div>
<div id="ironman-shoulders"></div>
<div id="ironman-chest"></div>

No jpg, png, psd or ai, no canvas, no jquery & no separate retina/ superpixel support. Pure HTML(5) & CSS(3).

Inspired by CSS Play, Zen, armed by Colorzilla & Border Radius.

All characters are property of their respective trademark holders & used for educational purposes only.
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